or lala, minor, esfjt, bisexual, taken, pls only use eng/esp, libra ig

likesmy finny ♥ splatoon! yoongi :3

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byf main/priv. i prefer the name nyla. i am a minor. please use my pronouns correctly. make sure to use tonetags while chatting w me. i dislike idols like bp, loona, mamamoo and more. i solo stan. on my twt, i make sure people i know follow me. i joke flirt a lot and i say kys and die. i'm also very annoying sometimes. i am black. make sure to look at aave, tonetags and also fonts.

dfi 10- 18+ if we are not friends/moots. a bp stan. homophobes, racists. gore, nsfw and more. you speak over blacks and desis. white /hj. you stan people like mamamoo, loona. anti of bts. uses slurs. you stan omg.


ults BTS &hobi jin yoongi. TWICE & nayeon tzuyu momo

stan iu (solo), jungwon, soobin yeonjun, ryujin chaeryeong j-hope (solo)

supportirene red velvet

casual listener kep1er ♥, wjsn, nct, eunbi, stayc, enhypen +